YouTube Video Contest with Free Gifts! “How Do YOU Dance with Pain?”

By: Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder, Dancing with Pain

June 7th, 2011 • Dance for Natural Pain ReliefPrint Print

The Dancing with Pain® tagline is, “Don’t fight your pain. Dance with it!” Of course, we at Dancing with Pain® HQ have our own ideas about what that means. But we also recognize that there are probably as many ways to dance with pain as there are people in pain.

If you refuse to let pain take over as CEO of your life, you probably have some rockin’ tricks up your jazz boots, when it comes to dancing with your pain – on the physical, emotional, psychological, and/or spiritual levels. We want to know what those tricks are, and we want to broadcast them to the world!

So we invite you to put together a YouTube video where you demonstrate your chronic pain sass & style – through dance, spoken word, visual art, music, or whatever medium you choose for expressing your badass self. This video can feature you alone or you with your chronic pain rag-tag team, as you see fit.

If you are uncomfortable with showing your mug on video, you can appear in the shadows of candlelight or behind a scarf-turned-veil. Or you can focus the camera on your pet or your activities, while you talk offscreen. However you choose to be present, you can make it part of your creative presentation in the video!

The only guideline is that you make it no longer than 3 min from start to finish! (Like everyone else, we at Dancing with Pain® HQ have a limited attention span!) Other than that, get creative, have fun, and let your spirit shine through!

We’ll feature up to 10 of our favorite videos on our YouTube channel. We’ll also feature our top three picks on our blog and offer two prizes for our all-time favorite — a free downloadable audio dance class, “The Breakfast Mix” (teaching the Dancing with Pain® method), and a complimentary 30 minute “Chronic Pain Lifestyle Management” consultation with the Dancing with Pain® grand poobah, Loolwa Khazzoom.

To enter, upload a video to your own YouTube site, then contact us and send us the link by no later than Monday, June 27. We’ll announce the winners during the first week of July. If making YouTube videos isn’t your thing, stay tuned for our upcoming writing contest!


Monique June 9th, 2011

I think this is just ‘uber awesome!!!
I’ll start working on mine this weekend!
Thank you sweets!

Carlene Higgins June 15th, 2011

“Mind over matter” is what I have taught my children since they were babies. We would dance in the living room all the time with the music blaring! Whether we are in the car or at home, music is a huge part of our life and an incredible stress reliever. We sing loudly to it, dance silly and even have created a “RED LIGHT DANCE TIME”. Showing people that they can have a natural outlet to relieve their pain is an awesome idea! KUDOS!!

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